I'm Carly Capps

I help people manifest a life they want


Heres my story:

I could always read other people’s thoughts and feelings. I knew from a very young age I wanted to help people to feel better. I was somewhat of an agony aunt at school, often offering advice way beyond my years!

I was deeply sensitive and I struggled to harness this gift and emotionally was quite up and down. There was always a sense that it would workout.

I hit my first real life hurdle, at 21 I discovered I could not get pregnant naturally. I struggled with remaining positive and had some counselling. I was hooked! This was a way in which I could help others in pain in a constructive way.


I took my first Counselling course aged 22 and then embarked on 20 years of studying.

I am qualified in:


• Psychotherapy

• Counselling

• Hypnotherapy

• Emotional Freedom Therapy

• Reiki

• Nutrition

• Personal Trainer

• British Powerlifting coach (!)

• Pilates

I am pretty good at most things I put my mind too but nothing was really landed with me.

I had an overall sense of dissatisfaction and that I wasn’t following my divine purpose.

When the pandemic hit us in 2020 I knew it was time for me to step up.

A Big Hug

In April 2020, I created an online group called A Big Hug and we met every weekday morning on Zoom to Set our Day together. We continued this until the world opened up again in June 2021.

What we created was magical and we all agreed setting our day had had the biggest impact on our wellbeing. This is why I created a Free facebook community to spread the word of this practice.


I also did Corporate wellbeing work for Full Support and what I would call traditional 1:1 Counselling.


I still felt I needed to do more.


I took 3 months off work from May 2021 to dig deep and decide what I wanted to do. I needed to release what was blocking me and holding me back. I did the work and I realised:


I am Carly Capps and I help people manifest a life they want.


That lands with me. I am finally able to say what I do is unique, it’s not traditional counselling or coaching, it’s just me and my inner wisdom and toolbox of techniques.

I can’t define it because it’s too vast. I describe myself as an old soul and I have ancient wisdom beyond my years. I also love science and theory and have over 20 years experience as a therapist. What I offer you is pretty extraordinary, even magical. 


If you want to discover how to change your life all you have to do is meet me.