Quick results to unblock what’s holding you back and give you the answers you need

After working with me you will:

 You will fully understand what has been holding you back and how to move forward.

 You will have answers to all your questions and answers to questions you don’t even know you have!

 You will feel relieved of pain, stress and fear.

 You will feel calmer, happier and confident in what you need to do.


What the programme includes:

 1 x 2 hour transformation Session

 My prescription – this has been designed by me to give you a final document that explains what we learnt about you, the answers to your questions and how you will manifest the life you want. ​

We are a good fit if:

• You are willing to open up and talk about your feelings

• You are ready to hear me


We are not a good fit if:

• You need to be ready and willing to hear me.

• Transformation is quick and you may perceive it as scary. I will guide you through the fear you just have to show up!​

In June 2019 I went on a life changing journey after meeting Carly Capps.

I felt shame, self loathing, lacked self confidence, looked externally for validation and felt completely damaged as a result of my past. 

I wore a mask and pretended to be happy which then resulted in immense daily stress. My experience of counselling before Carly was to relive and just “Chat” about my past.

Carly had a completely unique approach and became a detective writing down my painful memories to explore what my tiggers were and where they came from.

She helped me create a toolbox of emotional skills to manage triggers and helped me to establish a healthy mindset.

I left Carly’s care feeling self love, confidence, inner peace and happiness along with a sense of pride and achievement. Over a year now since our last session and I am still doing well. I would say ‘a success story’ 2 years ago I would not have thought that possible.


- Karen Atherton 

Carly is extremely perceptive and spot on when identifying problems – what is even better is she gives you practical advice and suggestions that actually work.



- Karen Atherton 

- Nina Boteva

Working with Carly has completely changed my life, she taught me techniques and a toolbox of skills that have enriched my life.


- Elizabeth Jarman