A Big Hug Juniors


Where girls support girls!

Discover our FREE mental health toolbox designed exclusively for teenage girls. 

A Big Hug Juniors is our new Instagram page and is a joint venture with budding-therapist Emily, supported by Carly. 

It is a safe, supportive space where teenagers can delve into the mental health toolbox whenever they need it, as well as seek advice and support for a range of different concerns. 

Each week, we’ll be running an Instagram Live, which will cover a specific topic and give practical ways to manage issues and improve mental health. 

Whos Behind A Big Hug Juniors?

Meet Emily

Emily is an aspiring therapist, currently studying for her A-levels. Her warmth, positivity and high-vibe energy is the reason A Big Hug Juniors exists. Emily is compelled to always help those around her and wants all teenage girls to remember; you are loved and you are enough.

Meet Carly

While Emily will be leading Big Hug Juniors, I will always be on-hand to ensure it is a safe space for teenagers and young adults. I will be keeping a close eye on the activity, making sure best practice is always followed when managing the complex issues that teens can face. 

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